Small Victory for No Line 9 Campaign and Direct Action!

The National Energy Board (NEB) has denied Enbridge’s “Leave to Open” application for its Line 9 pipeline due to the company’s cancellation of over 100 “Integrity Digs”. It appears that the direct actions taken by activists across south western “Ontario” have been effective in slowing down work on the pipeline.  With seven blockades of construction sites in just over a year, we have collectively delayed work on the line for at least 18 days.

We at Rising Tide Toronto, along with our friends in other cities, are claiming a small victory against this giant corporation, as we have helped to delay the Line 9 pipeline and the transportation of Tar Sands dilbit.

We stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities across “Ontario” and “Quebec” who were not consulted on the pipeline project, and with Indigenous communities living downstream from the toxic Tar Sands mega-project in northern Alberta.

Please help us keep up the pressure on the National Energy Board by signing this petition:

See the NEB’s denial of Enbrige’s request here: