Rising Tide Toronto is a grassroots collective that challenges environmental injustice and the root causes of climate change on Turtle Island through direct action, in solidarity with people’s struggles locally and globally.

Toronto has seen momentum build over the past several years to take action to protect land, water and air. Toronto is home to many of the companies, politicians and financial institutions that exacerbate environmental destruction and the climate crisis through mining, tar sands and other extractive industries. We take direct action because corporate-friendly “solutions” will not solve the climate and environmental crises and overwhelmingly governments choose to protect corporate interests at the expense of the planet.

Rising Tide Toronto tactics are diverse, effective and creative, taking a bottom-up approach to connecting the dots between colonialism, corporate power, climate disruption, social justice, and biocentrism. The systems that are destroying the planet are systems rooted in oppression. Combating climate change is therefore not just a matter of carbon emissions, but of confronting the institutions that destroy communities, cultures and the Earth. Rising Tide Toronto is committed to stopping the destruction of Turtle Island and creating a just transition to sustainable livelihoods that foster local autonomy and self-sufficiency. Our resistance will be in rooted in gardens as well as on the streets.

Read the Rising Tide Toronto Principles of Unity

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